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June Vacations

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June Vacations: Top Destinations

Wanderlust-Worthy June Vacations

June is the month to unplug, recharge, and renew your travel goals for the year. Whether you want to enjoy a beachside vacation with your family or treat yourself to a solo spa resort weekend, June is an excellent time to indulge. Many believe that June is peak season for tourism and travel, but many vacation destinations offer a calmer atmosphere.
Best Destinations for a June Vacation

Best Destinations for a June Vacation

June is the best month to finally take the vacation you have been saving for all year. Being the beginning of summer, most resorts have great deals in June, and the weather is always warm and accommodating. Here are some great places to satiate your wanderlust.

  • 1. Fiji

    Fiji is home to crystal clear waters, where travelers can just sit and stare as ripples form on top of calm waters. With over 300 islands, Fiji gives you unlimited locations and potential destinations for all kinds of vacationers. The gorgeous beaches and green mountains add to the beauty of this dream vacation spot. Take a walk at the beach, and a hike along the region's mountain trails. Memories are made of such experiences. Even in June, you can find great vacation deals, since it is still a low season.

  • 2. Montreal, Canada

    There is no better time to visit Montreal than in June, when the weather is mild and less humid than in peak summer. Montreal has fantastic outdoor activities in June, beginning with the Montreal Grand Prix Formula One race that will happen from 8th-10th June. The event brings people from across the globe and is a major tourist attraction. June is also the month of monumental celebrations in Quebec. On the 24th of June, the province celebrates Saint Jean Baptist, an annual feast that sparks the entire province with concerts, bonfires, and fireworks. June is also the month for the Montreal Jazz Festival and Mural Festival.

  • 3. The Gobi Desert

    Gobi desert presents travelers with a more exclusive experience. From the warmth of the Mongolian locals to the breathtaking landscapes, the desert is a great choice for a vacationer. Stay in a ger, a traditional Mongolian hut, and spend your evenings learning about the locals. You can also visit the Flaming Cliffs, which is one of the largest fossil sites in the world.

  • 4. Anchorage, Alaska

    The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the yea, and a northern city like Anchorage is an excellent place to witness the surreal experience of an almost 24 hour day of sunlight. The city also comes to life during the high summer season, so you can enjoy Anchorage's beauty all day - and night - long.


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