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July Travel: Top Destinations

Planning Your Next July Vacation

Many avoid traveling in July, as they believe that this month is the high season of summer tourism. This isn't always the case, however. Traveling right in the middle of the summer is still an excellent option as there are plenty of amazing places you can enjoy and still avoid the crowds.
Best Destinations for a July Vacation

Best Destinations for a July Vacation

The best vacation for you will depend on your preference; you can either hide away from the sweltering sun or embrace it. For family affairs, a destination with a pool is vital to keep everyone busy and cool. You can also hit a spot with a music festival, art galleries, medieval architecture, and so much more!

  • 1. Lake Como, Italy

    If you are a frequent traveler, there is no way that the gorgeous Lake Como in Italy is not on your bucket list. In July, you will find the airfares to Europe to be pleasantly low. Turns out that enjoying the fourth of July at Lake Como is quite the adventure, with even non-American visitors reveling in the celebration.

  • 2. Zurich, Switzerland

    If you are dying to escape the sweltering heat of summer, then fly to Zurich. The temperature in July is in the lower 70s, making it perfect for you to hide away and enjoy a dip in any of the city's outdoor bathing spots. Moreover, flying to Zurich for a July vacation means that you will be there just in time for the Lakeside Sculpture Festival, which you will savor along with an unforgettable view of the Alps.

  • 3. Cartagena, Colombia

    Looking to savor the wonder of a new culture, great food, and the convenience of a vacation with no jetlag? Then look no further than Cartagena, a lovely, old city located in Colombia. If you wish for a trip that will incorporate the warmth of summer, hit the skies for a five-hour flight from a number of US hubs. You will avoid the crowds that flock the quaint, seaside city during the holidays, and enjoy a solid selection of great hotels.

  • 4. Mount Hutt, New Zealand

    Mount Hutt is the perfect place to visit if you would still like to enjoy the cold feel of snow deep within the summer. New Zealand's ski season is between June to mid-October, which is both an off-peak travel season and unbelievably beautiful slopes to enjoy skiing.

  • 5. Trencin, Slovakia

    Trencin is one relatively unknown destination, which is perfect for you if you want something laid back and relaxed this July. Trencin is about two hours away by car from the nation's capital of Bratislava and hosts the Trencin Castle, one of the hundreds of medieval castles and chateaux of the Slovak republic. Moreover, you can attend the Pohoda music and arts festival, which runs from July 11th to 13th. It presents an exciting, international mix of indie, electronic, punk, and alternative music genres, along with dance, literature, art, film, and theater.


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