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Island vacations: Peaceful escapes and family fun abound

On a year-round basis, island vacations are perfectly suited to adventurers, families with children, couples, or anyone seeking an idyllic combination of respite, fun, and rejuvenation. From leisurely strolls in charming towns to exhilarating hikes along awe-inspiring trails, there's something for everyone. The perfect place to base yourself during an island vacation is a beachside vacation rental, allowing you to enjoy those enchanting views and that refreshing ocean breeze.
Island vacations are floating pearls on the American coast

Island vacations are floating pearls on the American coast

Whether you head to Georgia's Tybee Island in the American South, or to Washington's San Juan Islands in the Pacific Northwest, your own patch of personal paradise awaits. Nantucket, Massachusetts, is a compact island near Cape Cod brimming with glistening sand dunes. Here you'll discover a plethora of island activities for every taste: Take a whale watching cruise, rent a bike, splash in the waves with the kids, or even visit one of America's oldest lighthouses.Perhaps your dream island vacation involves family outings, simply walking in the fresh air along wooded hiking trails. For others, catching a glimpse of some rare bird species is a big priority. Alternatively, renting a moped is a smart way to find more secluded areas off the beaten track for a cozy picnic or afternoon snooze. Just south of the mainland Rhode Island is Block Island, a destination renowned for its casual, relaxed and down-to-earth feel.To satisfy your island culinary cravings, you'll find some of the freshest seafood around at local lobster pounds before entering Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island, Maine. With rugged cliffs and sparkling lakes, this island is truly dazzling. In nearby Bar Harbor village, you might through streets lined with galleries and gift shops whilst enjoying an ice cream. Whatever your destination, an inviting vacation rental is within easy reach to fulfil any fancy, ranging from complete serenity in natural surroundings to adventure-packed family fun.

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