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Hot Spring Vacation: Top Destinations

Planning Your Next Hot Springs Vacation

There are many ways travelers can enjoy a relaxing vacation; they may head over to the beach and bask under the sun, they may stay at an ecolodge in the middle of a rainforest, or they may even just lounge in a spa resort on top of a mountain. Nonetheless, hot springs vacations not only allow visitors to relax, but most of the times they also provide health benefits. Since the times of ancient civilizations, it has been believed that the water of these hot springs, which arises from the Earth, is infused with minerals such as iron and sulfur and can offer its visitors therapeutic properties.
Best Destinations for Visiting Hot Springs

Best Destinations for Visiting Hot Springs

Hot springs can be found nestled in every corner of the globe. Whether visitors wish to be close to a major city or in the midst of natural landscapes, there will be plenty of options to choose from. Regardless, these are a few of the top spots suggested for a memorable hot springs experience.

  • 1. Blue Lagoon, Iceland

    Located in the midst of the untouched natural landscape of Iceland, the geothermal spa of the Blue Lagoon is the perfect location for a relaxing hot spring vacation. The Blue Lagoon is characterized by the icy blue colored waters and surrounded by black rocks full of snow. Visitors will encounter a mixture of silica, algae and therapeutic minerals in these fresh and salty waters

  • 2. Banjar, Indonesia

    The Banjar Hot Springs are found on the island of Bali in Indonesia. These springs are nestled in tropical gardens between the hills of the village of Banjar. The uniqueness of these springs can be witnessed by the stone-carved animal heads from where the water (which locals consider to be holy water) flows .

  • 3. The Grand Prismatic, USA

    Travelers will find more reasons to visit the Yellowstone National Park if they seek to admire some natural hot springs. The Grand Prismatic Springs, located in the state of Wyoming, is known to be the largest hot springs in the USA, and the third-largest in the world. These springs are easily distinguished by its vibrant blue, green, yellow, and orange colors.

  • 4. Pamukkale, Turkey

    The Pamukkale Thermal Pools can be found in the province of Denizli in Turkey, where the ancient city of Hierapolis was located. These thermal pools are formed by travertine limestone which has been constructed in the past thousands of years. These pools are also characterized by a unique turquoise color.

  • 5. Cascate del Mulino, Italy

    Found in the region of Tuscany, the Cascate del Mulino is one of the best hot springs to visit. International travelers from all over the world come to bathe in these free springs. These pools, which date back to ancient Roman times, are in a stairway shape where the water gets hotter the higher one sits. The crystal blue water is filled with sulfur and many other minerals that are known to cure ailments.


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