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Graduation Trip

United States
United States

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Graduation Trip: Top Destinations

The Graduation Trip of a Lifetime

There's no better time to take a trip than after you've graduated. You've just completed years of study and are ready to see what the world has to offer. There's no better way to relax after years of studying and exams than by cuddling a koala by the Great Barrier Reef, or sitting under a canopy of stars set against the dark night sky, embracing the silence of the desert. Or, you can go swimming with the sharks - literally!
Best Destinations for a Graduation Trip

Best Destinations for a Graduation Trip

No matter what you choose to do, there's plenty of the glorious world to take in. It's a magical time for total freedom, so make the best of it with these top recommendations!

  • 1. Magnetic Island, Australia

    Make your way to the Great Barrier Reef and enjoy the incredible and colorful coral reefs and sea life under the water. Then take a hike along Forts Walk to catch the sun going down, you won't regret it.

  • 2. Newport Beach, USA

    A perfect blend of relaxing and adventurous, this Californian beach has some of the best weather in the country year-round. Lie on the white-sand with a book (for fun, this time!) and relax in the sun, or go looking for an adventure by hopping on some jet skis.

  • 3. Cape Town, South Africa

    Get some fresh air and soak in the stunning coastal views of Cape Town from the top of Table Mountain. Then, go swimming with sharks! Hop into a steel cage and dive deep down to get a good look at these remarkable predators in their natural habitats.

  • 4. Sahara Desert

    Traverse the vast, sandy dunes of the Sahara, leaving technology behind - finally! Campsites are abundant in several countries, so spend a few nights broadening your horizons in a nomadic tent.

  • 5. Croatia

    Between ancient Roman ruins like the first-century amphitheater and Diocletian's Palace, Croatia is straight out of a fairy-tale. Hang out by the Adriatic coastline, known for white-sand beaches and water that glimmers oh-so blue, enjoy all of the delicious Mediterranean food you can eat, Croatia is a veritable paradise!


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