Top Cities on Every Foodies List

The best food you can find across the USA

From famous food trucks to five-star restaurants, there is something for every Foodie on this list! Spend your next trip indulging in the most flavorful food that the US has to offer. Sink your teeth into a fish taco in San Diego, order up a deep dish pizza in Chicago, or savor a Lobster Roll in Portland.

San Diego tops all the foodie's lists thanks to its out-of-this-world Mexican cuisine and famous food trucks. The beautiful weather is an additional plus and offers visitors the chance to chow down on the beach.

  • Some must-eats are the fish tacos, carne asada fries, and burritos which are specialties in this California city.
  • Fun fact- Jack in the Box made its start in San Diego in 1951!
  • The annual Brew and Food festival takes place at the start of summer and showcases the finest that San Diego has to offer.

Portland is a mecca for quirky dishes and culinary enthusiasts. The nation's hipster food trends can all be traced back to this Oregon city.

  • Artisanal donuts are a staple in Portland and include flavors like bacon, spicy maple syrup, and chai. Enjoy the confections with a cup of craft coffee!
  • Portland is home to over 700 food carts, making it a renowned area for street food.
  • Feast Portland is the top food festival and takes place in the fall. Sample some grub from trendsetting chefs and wash it down with craft beer.

New York is known for many different things; broadway, architecture, and food culture. A city of true culinary fusion, visitors can bask in a gastronomic heaven while sightseeing famous attractions.

  • You can't travel to NYC without having some world famous cheesecake! New Yorkers consider Junior's the best, so make sure to take a stop in Brooklyn to indulge.
  • NY is also known for its appetite for oysters. In the 19th century, they were such a popular food that the shells were used to pave Pearl Street!
  • Foodies from all over the globe flock to NYC for New York Restaurant Week. The most exclusive chefs offer affordable menus for the public.

Beer and bratwurst probably comes to mind when thinking about the cuisine of Milwaukee, but this food city offers a trendy street food culture that is not to be missed.

  • Cheese curds are a midwest delicacy that cause cravings across the nation. Pair the salty bit of heaven with a cold beer from one of Milwaukee's breweries.
  • If you have a sweet tooth, the Jelly Belly Factory is just a short drive outside of the city limits. Tour the warehouse to see how jelly beans are made.
  • Grub aficionados meet every November at Savor Milwaukee, a premiere food festival that attracts Foodies from all corners of the nation.

New Orleans is a main cuisine capital of the US. Known for its Cajun and Creole cuisine, this city's gastronomy is a favorite among those with a spicy palette.

  • Enjoy a heaping plate of shrimp gumbo or jambalaya while enjoying the nightlife of this bustling Southern city.
  • Here is a fun Louisiana food fact for you! The Creole 'holy trinity' consists of bell peppers, onions, and celery.
  • For an epic party full of food, make sure to visit during Mardi Gras! The colorful king cake is a delicious dessert to enjoy.

Chicago has many culinary staples that bring in foodies from all over the nation. The delicious and diverse food selection here definitely makes up for the bitter cold winters!

  • Deep dish pizza is what Chicago is best known for. Grab a slice from Lou Malnatis and take a walk through Millennium Park.
  • The best food festival in the city is the Taste of Chicago and occurs every summer. Get lost in the maze of food stalls and enjoy the city's diverse cuisine.
  • A Chicago-style hot dog is a hot dog with all of the toppings piled on top. Including relish, pickle, and celery salt!

Philadelphia is home to many iconic American foods like the hoagie and soft pretzel. Foodies can indulge in some major comfort food while learning about US history as Philly is home to the Liberty Bell and other revolutionary war sites.

  • The first thing to try in Philadelphia is none other than Philly Cheesesteak! This staple dish is a sandwich made of sliced beef and melted cheese on a bun.
  • Water ice, or Italian ice, is said to have first been brought to the US through the Italian community in Philly.
  • The most famous food festival is Philly's Cheesesteak and Food Fest, an event entirely devoted to this important dish. Other grub is there for sampling too!

Dallas is another city known for its food offerings. A renowned spot for barbecue and Tex-Mex foods, this city is buzzing with incredible restaurants to visit. Stop by one of the city's craft breweries to really live like a local.

  • Dallas's Tex-Mex dishes are full of authentic flavor thanks to the city's proximity to the Mexican border. Beware of the hot sauce!
  • Mexican food isn't the only thing Dallas is known for. The very famous frozen margarita was invented in Dallas!
  • Every summer, the Taste of Dallas food festival showcases the city's top eats and drinks. There is even a Foodie event that ends with a chef meet and greet.

Portland, Maine sits on the coast and is home to some of the finest seafood in the US. Whether its more traditional eats or innovative bites like the Lobster Roll, there is no surprise this is a top Foodie city.

  • Portland is by far known for its oysters, which can be enjoyed at numerous spots throughout the city. Oyster Bars are the local way to indulge!
  • Portland is home to over 200 restaurants making it one of the top cities with the most per capita in the United States.
  • Harvest on the Harbor is the city's top food festival, drawing in foodies from all over and taking place along the scenic waterfront.

Southern comfort food thrives in Louisville, Kentucky, making it a favorite city among Foodies. Apart from its delicious dishes, its also known for its bourbon and whiskey.

  • A trip to Louisville would not be complete without trying burgoo with a glass of bourbon. Burgoo is a spicy meat stew typically served with cornbread.
  • How much does Louisville love bourbon? There are more barrels of bourbon than people in this fun-loving city. Cheers!
  • Louisville's annual Soul Food Festival showcases some of the delicious southern cuisine that this city is known for best. Make sure you arrive with an empty stomach!

Another southern cuisine powerhouse is Atlanta, Georgia. This food city has everything from small, authentic kitchens to high-end restaurants. In fact, many of this city's chefs have appeared on TV shows like Top Chef, Iron Chef, and Chopped!

  • If you are craving traditional Southern food, head over to Mary Mac's Tea Room, a landmark restaurant that opened here in 1945.
  • Atlanta is home to many celebrity chefs including Richard Blais and Kevin Gillespie. Stop by one of their always-busy restaurants to sample their fare.
  • Atlanta hosts an annual street food festival in Stone Mountain Park. It's not to be missed and will keep your tummy full with real southern comfort food!

Austin, Texas boasts a very creative foodie community with top chefs and strange (but delicious) dishes. Usually infused with some Mexican elements, the food style here is Tex Mex with a serious twist.

  • Savor the eclectic cuisine that this Texan city has to offer. Make sure barbecue, pecan pralines, and chicken fried steak are on your menu!
  • Health food fans find solace in this city too. National food chain Whole Foods first opened its doors in Austin in 1978
  • Every spring the Austin Food and Wine Festival comes through town and serves up delicious treats from local chefs and breweries.