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Fishing Vacations: Top Destinations

Finding the ideal destination for your fishing vacation

Fishing is a popular hobby that combines the relaxation of boating with the excitement of making a catch to brag about to all your friends. Fishing vacations can be a great way for families to enjoy quality time together while introducing the sport to children. Whether it's a family vacation or a guys' getaway, the catch will play the starring role, while the destination is important to make the most out of time off the boat.
Planning the best freshwater and saltwater fishing vacation

Planning the best freshwater and saltwater fishing vacation

As freshwater fishing destinations are abundant, particularly in the United States, your next freshwater fishing excursion may be closer than you think. If you're looking for a specific species, a little research goes a long way when planning your fishing vacation. Anglers can find a range of freshwater species, including smallmouth bass, walleye, and perch. Travelers looking for all three can head to Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, which boasts one of North America's best smallmouth bass fisheries.Saltwater fishing is a thrilling adventure for many anglers. While different destinations offer their own prizes, blue marlins are a particularly favored catch among anglers. When planning your fishing vacation, be sure to research how weather conditions affect the activity of your catch as well as how rough waters may impact boating.What about your time off the boat on your vacation? If you're looking for some serious relaxation, Boca Grande, Florida is a tropical paradise of white sand beaches dotted with palm trees and hammocks. For travelers with a passion for arts and culture, planning your vacation in a city like Charleston, South Carolina, will ensure there are plenty of galleries and museums to visit while you're on land. Many fishing destinations also boast coastal restaurants with top-notch local seafood, perfect for memorable dining after a day of fishing.

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