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Family Summer Vacation

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Family Summer Vacations: Top Destinations

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School is out and it only means one thing – it's time for a family summer vacation! Should you visit your nearest beach or book tickets to somewhere you've never been? Whatever you choose, here are some suggestions for that memorable vacation with your family.
Enjoy the sun and sand with your family

Enjoy the sun and sand with your family

It seems impossible to skip the beach during summer. Splashing around, swimming, or enjoying different watersports activities, family summer vacation means going to the beach. The US has plenty of family-friendly beach destinations such as Wildwood, New Jersey. Aside from its beaches, families will love the historical and other non-beach attractions of this resort city, like Tram Cars, its famous Lighthouse, and walking tours.For those who want to splurge, Hawaii is always a good idea. No need for introduction when it comes to beach trips and memorable summer family vacations here. Hawaii is one of the best destinations for families. Oahu Island, for example, is home to one of the best beaches in the world. A trip to Hawaii will also let your kids see and get to know a different culture.For families who prefer to enjoy the summer break within the city, an urban destination like New York City is a great choice. Cities often have kid-friendly attractions and in the case of New York City, you will find playgrounds, museums, and beautiful Coney Island for a fun-filled family summer vacation.Families can enjoy park picnics, outdoor concerts, duck feeding, and activities like rollerblading. You can dine in the wide range of restaurants in major cities or even go shopping. Exposing your little ones to cosmopolitan living is a great experience for them.Whether you plan to take your family to the beach or discover an urban city, you will never run out of activities and sights to see for that family summer vacation you deserve.


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