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October Half Term Holidays: Top Destinations

Planning Your Next Fall Getaway

For most travelers, Fall getaway trips are the perfect way to avoid the summer and winter crowds while visiting popular destinations, enjoy the mild weather of the season as they go on an excursion around the city, as well as take advantage of the off-peak prices for their accommodation and transportation. Nonetheless, there are many more benefits that come with Fall getaways, such as admiring the natural landmarks covered in the seasonal colors or partaking in the traditional festivals celebrated in various countries during the Fall.
Best Destinations for a Fall Getaway

Best Destinations for a Fall Getaway

Between festivals, traditions, cultural attractions and natural landmarks, these are some of the top spots to visit during the fall.

  • 1. Mexico City

    The capital city of Mexico is a spectacular destination year round. Nonetheless, travelers are highly advised to visit Mexico City during the festivities of Dia de Los Muertos (November 2nd). Visitors can partake in the celebrations throughout the community of San Andres Mixquic where the village has become famous worldwide for this tradition. The city is filled with street stalls, altars, and parades, while the cemeteries will have graves decorated in marigold and glowing candles. For a more unique experience, travelers can take a boat excursion after dark on Xochimilco's canals.

  • 2. Salem

    The city of Salem, located in Massachusetts, is one of the top destinations for a fall getaway, especially during the festivities of Halloween. This American city is notorious for the 1692 Salem witch trials, where a group of residents were found guilty of witchcraft. Visitors will be able to explore the Salem Witch Museum and learn more about the alleged 'witches' that inhabited this area, and the modern witchcraft of today. Moreover, during October, Salem hosts a Halloween festival with events open for visitors of all ages, including trick or treating and ghost tours.

  • 3. Great Smoky Mountains

    Whether travelers wish to be in Tennessee or North Carolina, the Great Smoky Mountains are a perfect Fall getaway. These mountains become a picturesque wonderland for hikers during the fall, as the leaves on top of trees turn a crimson color and hikers get to steer clear from crowds and enjoy the relaxing peace.

  • 4. Florence

    The stunning renaissance city of Florence, located in the heart of Italy, is the perfect destination regardless of the time of year. Nonetheless, the fall season is the best time to visit this splendid city. Travelers will find that the long dreary lines they had to wait in during the Summer to enter the Uffizi will suddenly be gone, they will be able to order a panino at the All'antico Vinaio for lunch in just a few minutes, and they will be able to enjoy observing at the statue of David in the Galleria dell'Accademia without a crowd obstructing the view.


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