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Eco Travel: Top Destinations

Planning Your Next Eco-Friendly Destination

With modern technology and new advancements in urban redevelopments, many cities have now created projects to sustain the environment and save our planet. Whether the city is on a natural landscape or surrounded by skyscrapers, green initiatives can be found everywhere. People looking for eco travel options will be excited to know that the destinations are endless, and visitors may find themselves hiking around nature trails, admiring high-tech buildings, or mesmerizing at cultural monuments at an eco-friendly destination.
Best Destinations for Eco-conscious Travelers

Best Destinations for Eco-conscious Travelers

With the number of initiatives implemented to save our planet, there are unsurprisingly many destinations for eco-conscious travelers to explore. These are a few of the top spots to visit on an eco-friendly vacation.

  • 1. Berlin

    The vibrant and eclectic city of Berlin is a must-visit spot on for any eco traveler interested in seeing how a major city works with sustainability. One of the most famous green projects this German city is known for was established by the Nomadisch Grün (Nomadic Green), an active group that created the Prinzessinnengarten on the Kreuzberg neighborhood.

  • 2. Helsinki

    The port city of Helsinki, located in Finland, is one of the forerunners in the fight against climate change. The capital city not only has sustainable goals, but also creative, modern, and high-tech ones, already making claims to be rid of cars by the year 2050. Since 2012, Helsinki has constructed a pedestrian and bike path on top of their railroad structures to grant visitors access to the entire city and its surroundings.

  • 3. Vancouver

    Located in British Columbia, the city of Vancouver is surrounded by a gorgeous natural landscape. This Canadian city is adamant about their sustainable way of life, and according to their Mayor, it is statistically shown that the citizens of Vancouver are more likely to walk, bike or use public transportation rather than driving a car. The city also offers plenty of Earth-friendly shopping, such as the Sweet Cherubim Organic and Natural Foods Store, the I.O.N. - It's Only Natural, and the Second Nature Home Boutique.

  • 4. Denver

    The city of Denver, Colorado is known for Ordinance 300, an initiative that mandates buildings to have either a rooftop garden or solar panels. The city has also vowed to keep with the Paris Climate Agreement and continue the fight against climate change. Travelers will be able to enjoy the great outdoors of Denver, ride around in hybrid taxis, land in an eco-friendly airport, and visit one of its many green attractions.

  • 5. Seoul

    The capital city of Seoul, located in South Korea, is an eco-friendly paradise. A recent project has been constructed that turned an old highway into what is now known as the Skygarden Seoul. This green space is open 24 hours 7 days a week and it connects a few of the main buildings in the city centre. Travelers will be able to reach performance spaces, street markets, and much more.


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