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Diving Vacation: Top Destinations

The Best Destinations for Scuba Divers

As scuba diving becomes a more affordable, safe and mainstream water sport thanks to the rise of excellent scuba driving training facilities around the world, many beach cities are providing excellent scuba diving tours. Whether you prefer to dive in the tropical waters and reefs of warmer climates or see epic underwater shipwrecks, scuba diving is a fascinating way to see some truly unique sites.
The Best Scuba Diving Destinations

The Best Scuba Diving Destinations

Looking to interact with a shark at close range, or see the vibrant colors of tropical fish and coral? The world is home to plenty of lovely, pristine resorts where you can explore the seafloor. Look no further than these excellent destinations for an excellent diving excursion.

  • 1. Dahab, Egypt

    Egypt is one of the lesser-known diving destinations. On the beautiful Red sea, Dahab provides fantastic scuba diving locations. It is best to go in the offseason, even if the water won't be as warm; this period will be less crowded, enabling you to see the underwater sites at your own pace. Dahab is a prime diving site where you can view intact reefs and sea wildlife - which unfortunately can be rare. You can also attempt to dive into the Blue Hole, which is one of the riskiest diving sites in the world.

  • 2. Misool, Indonesia

    Misool is a private island in Raja Ampat, Indonesia, that rests on the grounds of an old shark-finning camp. Today, the Misool community's mission is to keep the island and surrounding marine ecosystems in pristine condition. For visitors, this means an opportunity to dive in crisp, clean waters just a few steps from cottages situated right at the oceanfront.

  • 3. Cuba

    Cuba is on this list for one main reason: saltwater crocodiles. If you are daring and gutsy, strap on your diving gear and go underwater with the intriguing, massive reptiles. The experience of floating with a crocodile right beside you will provide an unforgettable rush of adrenaline.

  • 4. La Paz, Mexico

    Jacques Cousteau christened Mexico's Sea of Cortez 'the world's aquarium,' and the best way to understand the reason for the moniker would be to have an aquatic adventure at La Paz. Here, you will be able to swim with whale sharks and sea lions, and if you're adventurous enough, you can enjoy a night dive with giant manta rays.

  • 5. Durban, South Africa

    For a thrilling adventure with sharks, head to Durban. Sharks may be among the planet's most feared animals, but they are definitely worth interacting with on a unique scuba diving trip. South African waters are home to tiger sharks, hammerheads, and great whites, and there is no better way to face your fears by swimming with these amazing animals.


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