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Bike Friendly Cities

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Bike Friendly Cities: Top Destinations

Bike Friendly Cities

For both recreational and amateur cyclists, exploring a new city by bike is an excellent way to spend a vacation. Especially during the summer months, tourists can often be seen in city centers around the world on bike tours and solo cycling trips alike. Cycling is an efficient, affordable, and intimate way to travel. Travelers have their pick of fantastic destinations, as more and more cities embrace cycling as a main means of transportation.
The Best Destinations for Cyclists

The Best Destinations for Cyclists

Many cities, especially within Europe, have always had a biking culture, but often didn't have the infrastructure to foster a more mainstream use of bicycles for public transport. As more people move to urban environments however, many local governments are installing bike lanes, investing in bike sharing programs, and offering cycling tours to visitors. Whether you have your own bicycle or simply want to rent one for a day of exploration, these cities are great places to explore on a bike!

  • 1. Copenhagen, Denmark

    When booking your trip to Copenhagen, it's a great idea to incorporate a bike into your transportation or tourism plans. Copenhagen is the most bike-friendly city in the world and thousands of residents commute by bicycle each day. Bicycling is such a popular means of transport that children in Copenhagen often learn how to ride bicycles even before they go to school. Travel from the city to Albertslund on the cycle superhighway, along which you'll have access to amenities such as air pumps, traffic lights, and safe intersections.

  • 2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Your bicycle is the best way to experience the glory of Amsterdam and its romantic cobblestoned streets and alleys. You will be joining over 800,000 cyclists who use bikes to go to school, to work, and to shop. The city offers safe bike lanes so that you can feel safe on your bicycle tour of the city. Visitors have the option of renting a bicycle if they don't have their own.

  • 3. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Back in 1992, Rio de Janeiro's government began installing bike lanes, and the city has been a cyclist's heaven ever since. The city offers a bike-sharing program that comprises of 60 stations that can comfortably house 600 bicycles. Take your bike to the beach for a lovely day cycling along the shores as you enjoy uninterrupted views of the water.

  • 4. Budapest, Hungary

    Budapest has over 125 miles (200 kilometers) of cycling lanes. Explore the city or parks using your bicycle on your own, or take one of the city's many bicycle tours.

  • 5. Paris, France

    Enjoy the city of romance, Paris, on your bicycle to explore its many tourist attractions in style. Cycling throughout Paris provides visitors the opportunity to catch some fantastic sites that they would otherwise miss. Paris is home to the second largest bike-sharing program after China, and comprises of 20,000 bikes in over 1,800 stations.


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