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August Vacations

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August Vacations: Top Destinations

Planning Your Vacation in August

August is a great month for travel; you can use up your holiday leave, pack your bags, and slip out of town for some me-time or a fun-filled adventure with your buddies. First things first: figure out where you'll be spending your August getaway.
Best Destinations for an August Vacation

Best Destinations for an August Vacation

If you want a relaxing beach experience with the family, choose southeastern USA locations such as Sea Island in Georgia. Most kids will have reported back to school in mid-August, and you will therefore enjoy family-friendly resorts at remarkably low rates. Below is a list of other picturesque locations in which you can enjoy your August vacations.

  • 1. The Maldives

    Peak season in the Maldives is in December and early January, plus April, when schools close for spring break. However, the locals say that the best month to visit the Maldives is August; the skies are crystal clear, the sea calm, and the underwater visibility crisp. If you would like a snorkeling or scuba diving adventure, this destination is a top choice. You will also have a breathtaking view of marine flora and fauna, such as the region's whale sharks.

  • 2. Vienna, Austria

    Vienna is one of the hottest capitals of Europe and is a go-to spot to jumpstart the slowest month of the summer. Vienna boasts miles of white, scenic beaches, hectares of prime vineyards, and a food scene that is to die for. If you opt to visit Vienna, bring your outdoorsy clothes and bathing suits, as you will enjoy most of your vacation outdoors. On Danube Island, you can bike, visit a wave pool, or enjoy a swim.

  • 3. Fogo Island, Newfoundland

    Take a break from the sweltering temperatures of the summer and head north to this Canadian island for more comfortable climates. Even in August, you will marvel at the sweeping lighthouses, fishing villages, and local culture with the friendliest people. A swim in the ocean of Sunny Cove Beach will also make your getaway memorable. You can also interact with nature by taking a boat ride with the local fishermen or digging for mussels.

  • 4. Brussels, Belgium

    Visit the European city this coming August and bear witness to the Flower Carpet, a biannual event where about a million flowers cover the Grand Palace grounds. Between August 16th and 19th, many of the city's landmarks are transformed into Instagram-worthy, picturesque flower displays. The theme this year will be inspired by Guanajuato, a Mexican region with deep floral culture.

  • 5. Alaska

    Take a small ship expedition to Alaska this August for an exceptional vacation experience. As daylight lingers longer, you will watch the wildlife and thriving flora, not to mention the lovely view of the glaciers as the sun illuminates them. What's more, if you stay up a while longer, you may get to see the Northern Lights in all their glory.


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