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Spring Mill State Park
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Visit Historic Spring Mill State Park

Spring Mill State Park is the result history's entrepreneurs, who took advantage of the natural underground water source in the park to create a pioneer village. Stay in Spring Mill State Park cabins to take a fascinating look at how man can shape nature, and spend time learning about Indiana's pioneer past.

Best Hiking Trails in Spring Mill State Park

Spring Mill State Park provides many trails for all kinds of abilities. There is an excellent trail that caters to advanced hikers, and a 'Long Looped Rugged Trail' that goes through the woods. The final trail is within sight of a pristine lake. After you have finished exploring, Spring Mill State Park cabins are a perfect antidote to tired muscles.

  • 1. StageCoach Trail

    This trail for more advanced hikers begins near the campstore. You'll walk uphill from the old roadbed to the Oak Ridge picnic area and ends at the playground. If you're interested, you can rent a bike and try the new Mountain Bike path.

  • 2. Long Looped 'Rugged' Trail

    This trail takes you past sights such as Donaldson Cave overlook, beautifully thick woodland and Donaldson's Woods Nature Preserve. You can finish at the picnic area and enjoy something to eat.

  • 3. Moderate Loop Around the Lake

    The trail starts at the bridge and goes along the pretty lake. You can see the well-preserved boat docks or simply take pictures of the lush surroundings. Nearby Spring Mill State Park hotels are a great place to unwind after exploring.

Best Family Activities in Spring Mill State Park

Spring Mill State Park offers wonderful activities for families due to the combination historic sites and local flora and fauna. Take a walk through time in a fully-restored pioneer village, explore natural cave formations, and check out the memorial of a man who walked among the stars.

  • 1. Pioneer Village

    This restored village dates from 1817 and features a mill that's still operational. The functional village has over 20 buildings and you can even tour the local nursery and tavern. You can also grind your own corn for a truly authentic pioneer experience.

  • 2. Twin Caves Boat Tour

    This boat tour takes you through an underground stream and two caves. On the tour you will be shown ancient cave formations and have the opportunity to spy rare creatures that call these caves home. The tour runs from Memorial Day to the beginning of October and caters to visitors three years and up.

  • 3. Gus Grissom Memorial

    Visit a memorial dedicated to Gus Grissom; the second man to step on the moon and the only man to fly into space twice. Here you can tour a collection of NASA items including his space suite and the Gemini 2 space capsule.