Shakamak state park Cabins

Shakamak State Park

Boating, Fishing, and Much More in Shakamak State Park

Indiana's Shakamak State Park's main attraction is three man-made lakes, perfect for boating, fishing, or swimming. Whether you're looking for an active family vacation or just the chance to relax in nature in Shakamak State Park cabins, this 1,766 acre park provides the perfect slice of countryside only a short drive from Terre Haute.

Best Hiking Trails in Shakamak State Park

There are a number of options for walking in Shakamak, with trails both on paved roads and paths. Unusually for state parks, the trails are numbered and not named, but offer interesting forest and lakeside hiking for all experience levels.

Best Family Activities in Shakamak State Park

Shakamak State Park combines the chance for total family relaxation, with the option of enjoying more active pursuits at your leisure. Make the most of your time in the park by booking hotels near Shakamak State Park in Terre Haute or Bloomington and see how much you can squeeze into your family stay.

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