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Shades state park Cabins

Shades State Park

Experience the Peace and Quiet of Shades State Park

Spend some time hiking through the peaceful surroundings of Shades State Park, home to native forests and picturesque sandstone cliffs overlooking Sugar Creek. Choose to stay in Shades State Park cabins or Shades State Park hotels and you can enjoy all that this area of Indiana has to offer.

Best Hiking Trails in Shades State Park base64Hash Best Hiking Trails in Shades State Park

Best Hiking Trails in Shades State Park

Shades State Park is home to beautiful natural scenery, while its high sandstone bluffs offer spectacular views across the surrounding area. Thanks to the park's network of hiking trails, visitors can explore as much or as little of Shades State Park as they want.

  • Trail 2

    This one-mile trail is only for serious hikers, as the route requires you to hike along the Pearl Ravine streambed – an area which can be impassable when the water level is high. The path starts at the Lover's Leap viewpoint, where you can take some great souvenir photos of Sugar Creek and the surrounding forest.

  • Trail 5

    A slightly easier trail, although you will still need to use steps and even ladders in order to access some parts of Kintz Ravine. The trail then climbs to a viewpoint overlooking the Kintz and Frisz Ravines.

  • Trail 6

    If you aren't an experienced hiker, head for Trail 6, a pleasant and much easier stroll along the length of Red Fox Ravine.

  • Back-Pack Trail

    A longer trail of around 2.5 miles which takes visitors on a relatively flat route through the pleasant wooded areas of Shades State Park.

Best Family Activities in Shades State Park base64Hash Best Family Activities in Shades State Park

Best Family Activities in Shades State Park

Take the kids to stay in Shades State Park cabins and let them have fun exploring this beautiful area of Indiana too, while enjoying a range of outdoor activities.

  • Canoes

    Rent a canoe or kayak from a local business and explore Shades State Park from the perspective of Sugar Creek. The Deer's Mill Covered Bridge Area is where canoeists and kayakers can enter the water and start exploring. This is a great way to see just how impressive the park's sandstone cliffs are as they rise from the surface of the water.

  • Fishing

    In an area which is home to so much water, it won't surprise you to learn that fishing is another popular activity among visitors to Shades State Park. Make sure you have a state license before you start to fish.

  • Naturalist Programs

    Through the summer months, park rangers run a variety of activities aimed at families with children of all ages. You can enjoy guided nature walks during the day, and campfire talks after dark.

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