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McCormick's Creek state park Cabins

McCormick's Creek State Park

Nature Experiences and Family Fun in McCormick’s Creek State Park

Located about 14 miles north west of the city of Bloomington in Owen County, McCormick’s Creek State Park is Indiana’s oldest State Park best known for its hiking trails, canyon, waterfall and wildflowers, among others. While staying at the McCormick’s Creek State Park cabins, you can attend annual cultural events and festivals held at the park.
Take a Hike in McCormick’s Creek State Park

Take a Hike in McCormick’s Creek State Park

The hike trails of McCormick’s Creek State Park feature native wildflowers, diverse forest, and spicebush. Through an accessible trail from the McCormick’s Creek State Park cabins, you can learn more about the park by visiting the recently renovated nature center. These numbered hiking trails help visitors access park attractions and features.

  • 1. McCormick's Creek Falls

    At trail 3, you will start your 0.8-mile short journey across from Canyon Inn and end at Stoney restroom which is only a short walk back to the Inn. This rugged trail offers access to the falls and canyon. Due to fluctuating water levels, some areas of the trail are seasonally inaccessible.

  • 2. Wolf Cave Nature Trail

    Trail number 5 is 2-mile long and is considered moderate in terms of difficulty. Your journey on this relatively level trail will begin at the parking area of Wolf Cave Nature Reserve. It will offer you access to Twin Bridges and Wolf Cave before ending near the Wolf Cave Parking lot.

  • 3. Trail 8

    This trail is an easy 0.7-mile paved path that starts at the Class A Campground and ends at the Concession Stand and pool. This wheelchair accessible trail passes through the woodlands and the Pine Bluff Picnic Area.

Best Activities for Young and Old

Best Activities for Young and Old

Enjoy a plethora of family-themed activities and services in a serene and alluring natural setting. You can either take your family to explore the park’s Nature Center, picnic at the various picnic spots or enjoy an afternoon of horse riding. If you prefer all manners of high-end comfort, spending a night at any of the McCormick’s Creek State Park hotels could just be the ticket.

  • 1. Nature Center

    This place is home to natural history exhibits as well as nature games fun for people of all ages. Designed on the “Please Touch Gently” theme, the center also features a wildlife observation room. Get to enjoy a wide array of naturalists-led activities that are free of charge for all park visitors.

  • 2. Saddle Barn

    Here, your little one will be offered pony rides while you enjoy guided trail rides. Hayrides at the Saddle Barn are for everyone.

  • 3. Picnic Areas

    Throughout the McCormick's Creek State Park, grills, tables and toilet facilities are available.The park is an ideal place for a day of picnicking, playing and relaxing with the family.

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