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Giant City State Park
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Giant City State Park Cabins Offer Boundless Opportunities for Family Adventure

There's a lot to love about Giant City State Park, Illinois. Its amazing hiking trails take you through different parts of the forest, and there are plenty of rock climbing and fishing opportunities. Whatever your group's activity level and tastes, you're sure to have fun at Giant City State Park.

The Best Hiking Trails in Giant City State Park

Whether you're looking to test your fitness on multiple-mile hikes or just relax with a gentle walk among beautiful white oaks, Giant City State Park will offer something to suit your needs.

  • 1. Devil's Standtable Nature Trail

    A third of a mile long and taking around 30 minutes to complete, this trail has varied terrain that lets you see mushroom rock and other fascinating geologic formations. Spot prickly pear cactuses on the sandstone bluffs here.

  • 2. Indian Creek Nature Trail

    This trail takes about 45 minutes to complete. See sycamore and tulip trees, and stop to rest at the shelter cave. Watch for woodpeckers working busily in the woods.

  • 3. The Giant City Nature Trail

    The most popular hike, this trail akes an hour and brings you to the "Giant City Streets,"' where the "buildings" are tall rock formations thought to be carved slowly and naturally by the area's mildly acidic rain over the years.

  • 4. Red Cedar Hiking Trail

    This mammoth path is 12 miles long, with rugged terrain that's more untouched than that of the park's other trails. You'll find yourself in serene silence, save for the local wildlife, of course! Rabbits, raccoons, and deer are among some of the critters you can spot here.

Great Places to Stay Near Giant City State Park

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The Best Family Activities in Giant City State Park

After a long hike, choose from the park's many other many activities. Giant City State Park hotels and cabins offer easy access to fishing, archery, and more.

  • 1. Archery

    The range here lets you practise your aim in a controlled environment. From Labor Day to the end of April, you can enjoy this exciting and often competitive sport with friends and family.

  • 2. Fishing

    Make the most of bank fishing at the many ponds throughout the park, such as Piney, Makanda, and Allen, where you can you can catch bluegill, bigmouth bass, and red ear sunfish. There's a bait and tackle shop in nearby Carbondale.

  • 3. Horseback riding

    Guided horse riding is available from Giant City Stables to the north of the park. Lessons are available, and once you're confident, you can set out on a guided trail ride.

  • 4. Rappelling and rock climbing

    Devil's Standtable Cliff and the Shelter One Bluff at the Makanda Entrance are two locations for these thrilling sports.