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Save Money

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Your questions,

Can I list my property on HomeToGo?

We welcome everyone, no matter if you have a beach house, cabin or glamping for rent. Are you ready to start earning with HomeToGo?

How can I contact my guests?

Unlike most online booking sites, HomeToGo offers complete flexibility when it comes to contacting travelers. When vacationers contact you, you receive a message on HomeToGo. The person contacting you can directly indicate their email address and telephone number. You are then free to contact travelers directly by telephone, e-mail or via HomeToGo's internal messaging service.

Why is it free?

We are hosts ourselves and know how much effort, sweat and tears go into running a vacation rental business. We know how much hard work you put into it and believe that listing and receiving bookings for your property should be free in this day and age. Your work, your money. How do we finance ourselves? We offer a professional subscription for those that want to boost their business and rank higher on our search results.

You like the free plan but want to earn even more?

Upgrade to our professional subscription to get additional visibility and rank higher on our search results: Make your property stand out among the competition!

Can I choose who stays at my place?

Yes! Our subscription and inquiry model offers you full control. We make the match send you the inquiry and leave you complete freedom to manage bookings as you prefer or they best fit into your existing processes. Want to receive payment via PayPal? No problem. Want to manage your taxes via Avalara myLodgeTax? No problem. Want to set up a contract with travelers to be protected on your terms? No problem.

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