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1000 ft² House
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Sterling, Loudoun County, Virginia, United States
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Find a rental fitting your preferences among the 95 beautiful rentals from numerous vacation rental websites in Herndon. HomeToGo instantly shows the best offers by comparing all of the listed vacation homes in Herndon from its various partners.

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1170 ft² Apartment
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Reston, Hunter Mill, Virginia, United States
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Popular rental amenities in Herndon

  • Internet (65)
  • Pool (61)
  • Kitchen (59)
  • Parking (54)
  • Microwave (48)
  • No smoking (46)
  • TV (46)
  • AC (46)
  • Washer (43)
  • Wheelchair access (33)
  • Dishwasher (29)
  • Pets OK (25)
Filters are available to help you personalize your search to find the ideal vacation rental in Herndon. Herndon is the right destination to look for a property if you need internet access during your vacation or you're dreaming of days spent poolside, as the most common features are "internet" and "pools." Not as many rentals in Herndon are available if you want a rental with a sauna or if you enjoy soaking in the hot tub as "Jacuzzis" and "saunas" are not very popular amenities in Herndon.

The weather in Herndon

- Rainy days

Find the Herndon climate diagram. During July, maximum temperatures go up to more than 87° On the contrary, the coolest month is January. The wettest month is January with 15 rainy days on average. On the contrary, there is an average of only 9 rainy days in November, which is the driest month.

69 of the 95 listed rentals in Herndon are hotel rooms. They account for more than half of the property types in this destination (53.08%). In addition, the average nightly price of hotel rooms in this destination is $152, and their size, on average, is 550 ft². Moreover, if you are going in a group of 4, hotel rooms are the perfect accommodation type in Herndon, as they usually welcome this exact group size. Users interested in something else can also compare many apartment rentals, which are the other most popular accommodation type in Herndon. Apartment rentals in Herndon are 1,000 ft² on average, with prices averaging $247 per night.

Dine out like the President with Herndon vacation homes

Just outside Washinton DC, on the banks of the Potomac River, your spacious vacation home in Herndon, Virginia awaits. Explore the center of American politics, take a picture outside the White House, or enjoy the verdant surroundings of your vacation home in Herndon.

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Food & Drinks

All-American flavors

A lesser-known treat in the city is Compass Rose, a townhouse where the menu is a combination of comfort food and traditional local fare. The Dabney is a must for any fan of historic American cooking. Here, the cuisine is cooked on a wood-burning hearth and the forgotten flavors of the mid-Atlantic are brought your table once more.

Ben's Chili Bowl has served many an American President during its 60 year existence and remains a temple to the hot dog to this day.

Family Activities

Herndon's family highs

Why not try escaping from the Escape Room using the clues that are given to you? The escape room has swept the world for good reason! Alternatively, Bready Park has a colorful playground that is perfect for children.

Meanwhile the celebrated Potomac River offers rafting that is second to none. Paddle its length for some of the most spectacular views in the state of Virginia! Its coastal estuary is lined with beaches where you can enjoy the sunshine on warmer days. When the weather is less accommodating why not catch a family-friendly play at NextStop Theater?

Local Attractions

Day trip to America's political heartland, Washington D.C.

Check out Washington National Cathedral, a splendid Gothic edifice that towers over the city. The Capitol is another natural stop on any city tour, marking the center of American legislation since 1800. An hour long tour shows you the various vistas and offers insight into the secret stories behind the famous facade.

The White House meanwhile is an awesome place for a family photo and the Visitor Center's array of artifacts and vintage paraphernalia is well worth a look too.

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