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Mistletoe State Park Cabins

Mistletoe State Park

Planning Your trip to Mistletoe State Park

Visit the largest reservoir in Georgia and explore the local trails and family activities available in stunning Mistletoe State Park. Take your pick of the great Mistletoe State Park hotels nearby to enjoy the park at your leisure. Fish, swim, canoe, and explore this stunning natural lake in Eastern Georgia.

Best Hiking Trails in Mistletoe State Park base64Hash Best Hiking Trails in Mistletoe State Park

Best Hiking Trails in Mistletoe State Park

Mistletoe State Park cabins are a great opportunity to explore all 72,000 acres of this park located on the southern shore of Lake Strom Thurmond. Visit the lush forests while walking Rock Dam Trail and smell the wild flowers on Cliatt Creek Nature Trail.

  • Rock Dam Trail

    Walk through lush forest and along Cliatt Creek in Mistletoe State Park. It's a fun yet challenging route that spans just over six miles and is great for dogs.

  • Cliatt Creek Nature Trail

    All skill levels will enjoy this 2.3-mile trail that's accessible all year round. Featuring beautiful wild flowers and encompassing small streams and creeks, there are plenty of photo opportunities to be had on this easy-going route.

  • Beach Trail

    This trail goes through striking pine forests that are particularly beautiful in the fall. If you keep your eyes peeled, you might be able to spot the mistletoe which gives the park its name.

Best Family Activities in Mistletoe State Park base64Hash Best Family Activities in Mistletoe State Park

Best Family Activities in Mistletoe State Park

Georgia's state parks are varied and exceptional, and Mistletoe State Park is one of the best. Fish in the one of the best spots for fly fishing in the United States, stay in charming Mistletoe State Park cabins, or study the night sky with a lakeside campfire.

  • Fishing on Lake Strom Thurmond

    Georgia has been dubbed the 'Bass Capital of the World,' and Mistletoe State Park is part of this great fishing tradition. It's an undiscovered gem that offers the perfect spot for secluded fishing. Georgia state parks provide a Fishing Tackle Loaner Program so that novice anglers can easy and affordably rent equipment.

  • Education for All Ages

    Mistletoe State Park cabins provide the perfect base to get out and about in nature, but also provide a great place for kids to learn about conservation and the wildlife of the park. Programs range from Pre-K to 5th Grade, and include scavenger hunts and animal tracking. Further events held in the part are Jr. Rangers held in September and May, and Earth Day in April.

  • Geocaching

    Kind of like an outdoor treasure hunt, geocaching will keep kids entertained for hours. Using GPS and coordinates, families can scour Mistletoe State Park for hidden treasures tucked away in the wilderness.

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