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Cloudland Canyon State Park Cabins

Cloudland Canyon State Park

Canyons, Creeks, and Caves at Cloudland Canyon State Park

Covering almost 3,500 acres of northwest Georgia, Cloudland Canyon is one of the state's largest, most beloved parks. Cloudland Canyon offers wide open spaces, waterfalls, bubbling creeks, wildlife, and a huge range of outdoor activities. The changing seasons guarantee unique experiences on each visit to Cloudland Canyon. And visitors with both active and more gentle tastes find plenty to do.
Best Hiking Trails in Cloudland Canyon State Park

Best Hiking Trails in Cloudland Canyon State Park

Pull on your hiking boots and get out into the scenery to revel in the best of it up-close. If your stay in the park is short, opt for one of the shorter trails which only take a couple of hours to complete. For longer stays, perhaps in one of the Cloudland Canyon State Park cabins, 64 miles of walking trails ensure you never see the same view twice.

  • 1. West Rim Loop Trail

    A strenuous 5-mile loop, West Rim stands as one of the best hikes in the whole United States according to experts' ratings. The trail offers spectacular views over the canyon, woodland, and mountains – well worth the effort of the climb!

  • 2. Waterfalls Trail

    Head down into the canyon via a combination of paths and steps to Cherokee and Hemlock Falls. Winter is the best time of year for this walk, as the water levels are highest in the colder weather.

  • 3. Meadowlands Trail

    This short mile-long trail is ideal for families with children. Meander past a fishing pond through the meadow on even ground conducive for easy walking. Visit in early summer to enjoy the abundance of wild blackberries growing everywhere.

Best Family Activities in Cloudland Canyon State Park

Best Family Activities in Cloudland Canyon State Park

Staying in hotels near Cloudland Canyon State Park gives your family the chance to make the most of the attractions in the park. Whether outdoor sports from dawn to dusk or more tranquil pursuits, Cloudland Canyon provides a fun-filled trip to remember.

  • 1. Disc Golf

    An innovative hybrid of golf and Frisbee, Cloudland Canyon's disc golf course excites all ages. An energetic sport, disc golf suits even the youngest members of the family. Who will be best at getting the disk into the basket?

  • 2. Camping

    Cloudland Canyon State Park offers cabins and cottages at all times of the year. Yurts and campsites are available for stays in the warmer months. Nothing beats watching the sunset while toasting marshmallows on the campfire.

  • 3. Geocaching

    Older kids and teens love geocaching, a treasure hunt through the park's prettiest spots using the GPS on your smartphone to show you the way. When you find the cache, sign the logbook, take a small prize, and leave something for the next finders.

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