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Compare and find a vacation rental that meets your needs among the 71 unique options from different vacation rental websites in Fort Bragg. By comparing these vacation rentals, HomeToGo brings you the most economical offers as well as the most popular accommodations in Fort Bragg.

Popular Rental Amenities in Fort Bragg

  • Internet (38)
  • Parking (35)
  • Microwave (34)
  • Washer (32)
  • TV (29)
  • No smoking (27)
  • AC (24)
  • Wheelchair access (23)
  • Kitchen (22)
  • Pool (21)
  • Grill (17)
  • Pets allowed (14)
Listed above are the most popular filters in Fort Bragg and the number of rentals that provide them. You can easily compare and find a vacation rental fitting your needs in Fort Bragg if you can't imagine a vacation without internet or you want a rental with a pool, as most accommodations include "internet" and "pools." You could even look for rentals if you want a rental with a balcony or a patio (4 rentals include "balconies/patios" in Fort Bragg) or if you plan to go fishing (2 rentals in Fort Bragg include "fishing").

The Weather in Fort Bragg

- Rainy days

This is the climate diagram in Fort Bragg. July is the warmest month of the year in Fort Bragg with temperatures reaching a maximum average of 89°. However, temperatures can go lower than 32° in Fort Bragg in January. The rainiest month is July while the driest month is October.

In Fort Bragg, hotel rooms are the most typical accommodations being offered. In addition, these accommodations have an average size of 720 ft² and an average price of $119 a night. Furthermore, if you are going in a group of 4, hotel rooms are the perfect accommodation type in Fort Bragg, as they usually welcome this exact group size. You can also search and compare other accommodation options in Fort Bragg. Apartment rentals are, for example, another popular type of accommodation in this destination, with 7 being offered. The average size of apartment rentals in Fort Bragg is 690 ft², and the average price is $85 a night.

Revolutionary history awaits at Fort Bragg vacation homes

With naval history, enthralling museums, and spectacular coastline, Fort Bragg vacation rentals offer you a plethora of exciting experiences. Migrating grey whales, beaches glittering with polished, colored sand, and botanical gardens alive with butterflies ensure that your stay at a Fort Bragg vacation home is memorable.

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Food & Drinks

Adventures in agritourism

When it comes to agritourism, Fort Bragg has a lot to brag about. Come to Bunce Brothers Farms and gorge yourself on jammy berries as you pick them in the sunshine. In season, pumpkins and cantaloupes are ripe for the plucking. Carter Blueberry Farm is devoted to these plumptious beauties, producing delectable jams and juices fresh from the fields. Pick up a variety of fruit and vegetables at Sandhills Farmers Market and feast!

A natural amphitheater, aged oaks, and nature trails spread across 77 scenic acres at Cape Fear Botanical Gardens. With views over Cross Creek and Cape Fear River, the grounds are also home to a stately farmhouse and a gardening exhibit. You can learn about tobacco and cotton growing in the southeastern United States through interactive exhibits and displays of historic farming tools.

Art & Culture

Treasures of the sea

Visit the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens to experience special events such as Mushroom Walks and the Festival of Lights. These historic gardens are thronged with flowers and well-established rhododendrons, fuchsias, and other stunning plants. Wander in the dappled shade and watch the butterflies at play.

Meanwhile, sea stories aplenty unravel at the Sea Glass Museum. Trawl through the world's largest collection of sea glass and discover innumerable gleaming taxonomies from all corners of the globe. The local beaches have collected glittering glass that washes up as jewel-like treasures through the power of the sea itself. What's more, you can select a souvenir of the magic at the gift shop, where jewelry and other treasures are sold.

Local Attractions

Revolution and grey whales

Cultural Heritage Trails of all kinds wind through the landscapes near your vacation home. Follow the All-American Adventure Trail and discover rare bird species, fish for your dinner, and go climbing along the way. The American Independence Trail takes you through the region's Revolutionary history. Antiquers can follow the trail to discover everything from vintage furniture to homeware.

Don't miss out on a trip to MacKerricher State Park, which runs along nine miles of coastline. Wander dunes, bluffs, wetlands, and coves. There's even a freshwater lake to find. Alternatively, kayak along the coast and discover Inglenook Fen-Ten Mile Dunes Preserve, where grey whales surface between December and April, and harbor seals play. Keep your peepers peeled for the rare, pale pink Mendocino spineflower.

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