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Getting Ready for a Trilling Experience in Oleta River State Park

In the bustle of the dense Miami in Biscayne Bay sits the breathtaking Oleta River State Park. It is a gem. Nature enthusiasts, bikers or anyone who wants to enjoy a saltwater fishing experience will find this place epic. Bicyclists enjoy miles of the novice to challenging trails. A beautiful mangrove forest hosts native South Florida wildlife and plants providing a perfect opportunity for nature lovers as kayakers and canoeists paddle their way down the captivating river. Come ready to swim and enjoy a 1200-foot beach. Oleta River State Park cabins experience as a family or friends will make memories you will forever cherish.

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Best Hiking Trails in Oleta River State Park

Oleta River State Park is famous for its bike and walks trails. Whether you love exploring as a loner or your strength is in multitudes of people, hiking here is a perfect way to unwind alone or enjoy as friends. Here are some hiking trails you should check out if you are planning to visit Oleta river state Park.

  • 1. Kayaking Oleta River State Park

    Visitors get a perfect place to rest and hike as well. Covering more than 1000 acres, kayaking Oleta River State Park offers you a tranquil place to camp or hike.

  • 2. Blue Mountain Outside Centre

    The trail intertwines in the mangrove forest and out above the water. You will enjoy all sorts of nature in one visit.

  • 3. Florida Trail

    This scenic 50th-year trail head, 1,400 miles piece of nature is a must visit. Here, you will enjoy all the natural sides of life.

Best family activities in Oleta River State Park

Oleta River State Park offers something for everyone, regardless of your age. Visitors can indulge in what intrigues them most whether as a group or alone. See some activities to enjoy in this scenic location.

  • 1. Canoeing, kayaking, and swimming

    Water lovers appreciate the exceptional experience along the 1200ft sandy beach. If you want to paddle with a city like Miami on sight, this is the place. A shallow estuary bounded by coral reefs and barrier islands, Biscayne Bay is 63,000 acres.

  • 2. Sightseeing

    Visitors get a rare opportunity to explore mangrove shorelines in the Blue Moon Outdoor Center as well as catch an exceptional view of wild animals in their natural habitat. Take a night or two in the Oleta River State Park hotels and experience the wild till dawn.

  • 3. Biking and camping

    The picturesque trails are incredibly inviting. You can carry your bike and gears. But if you do not have any, just rent and explore the 1.9miles long trail. Every family needs time off from the usual. Try Oleta River State Park cabins to experience and leave all gadgets at home. Interaction with true beauty of nature leaves you yearning for more.

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