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Myakka River State Park
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Wildlife and Camping in Myakka River State Park, One of Florida's Largest Park Spaces

Just outside the city of Sarasota, Florida, Myakka River State Park is home to diverse natural landscapes on over 37,000 acres – ideal for an escape from everyday life. Whether you're interested in spotting alligators or the rare roseate spoonbill, or just enjoying the wide-open spaces, Myakka presents visitors with a range of adventures for the whole family. And historic Myakka River State Park cabins give you the comforts of home.

Best Hiking Trails in Myakka River State Park

Almost 39 miles of trails snake through Myakka River State Park, guaranteeing one perfect fit or more for your interests and hiking level. Information panels clearly mark all routes along the way, but go ahead and grab a trail map at the park's visitor center.

  • 1. Deep Hole

    One of the park's shortest and most popular routes, the Deep Hole trail is a 4-mile round trip from the parking lot near the visitor center down to Lower Myakka Lake. One of the best spots in the park for wildlife watching, along Deep Hole visitors see alligators, eagles, and wading birds.

  • 2. Bird Walk

    An easy walk along special boardwalks through the marsh area, Bird Walk is perfect for smaller walkers or for those curious about Florida's birdlife. Plenty of stopping places with benches allow you to linger longer and enjoy the views.

  • 3. Prairie

    It's 14 miles of challenging walking from the park's entrance over to the wild camping area at Prairie. The best option for tackling this trail is bringing your own tent to pitch at Prairie overnight before hiking back the next day. Along the way you'll pass through the whole spectrum of Myakka's diverse flora and fauna.

Best Family Activities in Myakka River State Park

Hotels near Myakka River State Park in the city of Sarasota give you the opportunity to experience the park's natural wilderness in its fullness. Whether you're into history, wildlife, or just having fun with the kids, Myakka intrigues and delights visitors of all ages.

  • 1. Canoeing and Kayaking

    Kayakers, even beginners, love the slow, flowing waters of the Myakka River. You're guaranteed to see alligators from the safety of your kayak, and perhaps some fascinating water fowl too.

  • 2. Canopy Walkway

    The canopy walkway is 25 feet above the treetops, with a 75-foot tower to climb for even more impressive views. Visitors often see hawks, eagles, and other large birds soaring through the canopy.

  • 3. Camping

    In addition to the much-loved Myakka River State Park cabins, the park offers a range of options for staying overnight, including 3 formal campsites with electricity, water, and picnic facilities, as well as wild camping if you prefer a more rustic style.