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Bahia Honda State Park Cabins

Bahia Honda State Park

Plan a trip to Bahia Honda State Park

This is park is well known for having one of the best beaches in the Florida Keys. Here you will find miles of white sand and azure blue water. Get beyond the sea wall to find some of the best snorkeling in the USA. Guests should plan to spend a whole day in the Park and you may want to check out Bahia Honda State Park cabins if you want to stay in the park.
Best Hiking Trails in Bahia Honda State Park

Best Hiking Trails in Bahia Honda State Park

​​​​​​Bahia Honda State Park is not known for it's hiking and you will find a limited number of walks in the park and no serious hikes. People come to Bahia Honda for the beach, swimming, fishing and snorkeling. If you really want to go for a walk here is a list of possible options. Make the most of your time in the Park by booking in to Bahia Honda State Park cabins.

  • 1. SIlver Palm Trail

    The only official hike in the Bahia Honda State Park is the Silver Palm Trail. Just 0.6 miles long anyone should be able to enjoy this easy hike. This loop takes walkers through the largest grove of Silver Palm trees in the United States.

  • 2. Beach walk

    This is not an official trail but you can walk along the beach for just over 4 miles. Walking along the beach is a lovely way to take in the incredible views in the park.

  • 3. Bridge walk

    Take a five minute walk to the old bridge and enjoy the views of the next Key. Whilst this is not a challenging walk it is very pretty.

Best Family Activities in Bahia Honda State Park

Best Family Activities in Bahia Honda State Park

This is a very popular park with families thanks to its fantastic beaches and shallow kid-friendly water. Families may want to consider staying at nearby Bahia Honda State Park hotels which are just outside the park. This gives families easy access to the rest of the Keys when the kids get tired of swimming and want to try another activity.

  • 1. Snorkeling trips

    Boat trips take guests out to the main reef a few miles off shore. The boats spend an hour and a half at the reef. You can snorkel the whole time or get back on the boat when you are tired. The trips are open to guests of all ages as long as they can swim.

  • 2. Stargazing

    In the winter months visitors enjoy guided stargazing and a number of other interpretive programs for kids. Your children can learn while having fun with the highly experienced guides.

  • 3. Bike riding

    There are a number of short bike trails in the park that are perfect for kids. Adults will enjoy riding through the stunning scenery.

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