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Devils Lake

Compare and find a dreamlike accommodation from $57 per night by searching through the 15 options featured in Devils Lake. By comparing these properties, HomeToGo features the most economical offers and the highest rated properties in Devils Lake.

Popular Rental Amenities in Devils Lake

  • Internet (8)
  • Parking (7)
  • Pets OK (6)
  • AC (6)
  • No smoking (6)
  • Pool (5)
  • TV (5)
  • Microwave (5)
  • Wheelchair access (5)
  • Grill (4)
  • Washer (4)
  • Fireplace (3)
Using our filters will help you find your dream accommodation in Devils Lake. Many vacation rentals in Devils Lake offer "internet" or "pools," which makes it a fantastic vacation destination if you need internet access during your vacation or you're dreaming of days spent poolside. Three features that are not often available are "yards," "fireplaces," and "barbecues."

The Weather in Devils Lake

- Rainy days

Find the Devils Lake climate diagram. The highest average temperatures are in the month of July. However, temperatures can go lower than 3° in Devils Lake in January. October is the driest month.

Users who are searching for hotel rooms in Devils Lake will have a lot of different options, as they are the most typical vacation accommodation type there. Additionally, the median nightly price of hotel rooms there is $106, and the median size is 440 ft². Furthermore, these accommodations are optimal for medium-sized groups and families, as most can welcome 4 guests. Vacationers interested in something other than hotel rooms can also find many house rentals, which are the other most popular type of accommodation in Devils Lake. These accommodations cost $136 a night on average and have an average size of 1,190 ft².

Have an outdoor adventure with a Devils Lake vacation rental

Devils Lake, North Dakota is a unique, fun-filled destination for the whole family. Typical accommodations include large wooden houses surrounded by nature.

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Food & Drinks

Dining out in Devils Lake

The restaurant scene in Devils Lake offers something for every taste and budget. For casual family dining, try the Cedar Inn Family Restaurant, a Devils Lake staple for more than twenty years. The Cedar Inn serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and specializes in homestyle comfort food like burgers, sandwiches, and ribs. Another option is the Old Main Street Cafe, which features an all-you-can-eat soup bar as well as classic family fare.

Devils Lake is also home to several fine dining establishments. The View, a restaurant at the Spirit Lake Casino and Resort, offers top-quality meats and seafood in an elegant atmosphere. For beautiful waterfront views, visit Proz Lakeside at the Cove, with seating options including an outdoor patio with a fire pit. Proz Lakeside serves chicken, pizza, and pasta, and also houses a recently renovated bar.

Local Attractions

Activities in Devils Lake

No visit to Devils Lake is complete without taking advantage of the many outdoor activities available in the area. At Graham's Island State Park, visitors can enjoy hiking, birdwatching, camping, and other recreational activities. You can also go boating or jet-skiing on the lake that surrounds the park. To experience even more natural beauty, take a tour of Sullys Hill National Game Preserve, a wildlife refuge that is home to elk, bison, foxes, deer, and eagles.

Devils Lake also boasts attractions that celebrate the area's rich history. The Fort Totten State Historical Site dates back to 1867, when the military post of Fort Totten was built. Over the years, the fort has served as everything from a boarding school to a tuberculosis sanatorium. It is now a historical monument that features a museum, a theater, and an inn.

Local Events

Events in Devils Lake

When booking your Devils Lake cabin, consider the time of year of your planned visit, as the Devils Lake area holds a variety of annual events. In the summer, the Devils Run car show takes place. Devils Run includes a parade, a muscle car show, a classic car auction, and more. Another summer event is the Devils Lake Chamber Fishing Tournament, where participants compete to catch the biggest fish and win cash prizes.

Even in winter, Devils Lake is not short on community events. In February, the town holds its annual Shiverfest, a family-friendly collection of winter fun and games. Ice skating, curling, sleigh rides, and hockey are just some of the many activities available during this weekend-long event. Every winter there is also an ice-fishing tournament, the largest in North Dakota.

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