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Situated at the meeting point of the Caribbean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico, Cuba is a land with a rich history and beautiful landscapes. A honeymoon in Cuba offers couples a warm tropical atmosphere, plenty of entertainment spots, a unique foodie scene, and horse-riding tours.
Romantic Honeymoon Towns in Cuba

Romantic Honeymoon Towns in Cuba

Cuba has many small and sprawling towns that offer an enchanting character with so many romantic things to do for couples.

  • 1. Trinidad

    This is one of the colonial towns in Cuba that still holds most historical vestiges like the pastel-colored structures and cobblestone pedestrian pathways. These are excellent spots to grab a romantic selfie or 2. Later, take a horse-riding trip to Sierra del Escambray, and see the jaw-dropping Guamuhaya mountains.

  • 2. Havana

    A city of contrasts, Havana's urban setting features restored buildings, right next to abandoned apartments with ivy-covered scaffolds - a fascinating sight. Museums and historical sites also dot the town. Your partner will also relish a stroll along Malecon, a seaside promenade bustling with culinary activities and street guitarists.

  • 3. Santiago

    This is Cuba's second-largest city, popular for its rich culture, architectural designs, music, and friendly locals. Visit the Parque Cespedes, at the heart of the town, and the old buildings, museums, and the annual Festivity of the Flag. You wouldn't want to miss listening to soulful Trova tunes at the Casa de la Trova.

  • 4. Camagüey

    Founded in the 16th-century, Camagüey features a unique city layout, with crisscrossing labyrinths, said to puzzle unwelcomed pirates. Couples can stroll its cobbled streets and see the colorful buildings with drying lines tied over Rococo-style balconies. Plan your honeymoon in summer and partake in the cinema festivities in Plaza de los Trabajadores.

Information about Honeymoon in Cuba

📏 Average home size 59 m²
💳 Highest rates in May
🛏️ Popular home types Bed & Breakfast and Private room
🌡️ Hottest months July and August
❄️ Coldest months February and March
🌧️ Rainiest months August and September

Frequently Asked Questions

How many couples accommodations are available to rent short-term in Cuba?

You can find more than 30 homes for rent in Cuba with prices starting at $21 per night.

What types of vacation homes are available for Honeymoon in Cuba?

We would advice choosing from our selection of Bed & Breakfast and Private room for Honeymoon in Cuba.

Honeymoon in Cuba: How much does it cost to rent a vacation home in Cuba?

HomeToGo has incredible rentals for Honeymoon in Cuba, with prices as low as $21 per night.

How much does a romantic honeymoon vacation cost in Cuba?

The cost of a vacation home in Cuba can start from $21 and can go up to $30 per night.

Can you find honeymoon accommodations in Cuba offer a pool?

Yes, more than 0% of couples accommodations in Cuba offer a pool.

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