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Ohio Dominican University
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Must know facts about Ohio Dominican University

If you are thinking about visiting Ohio Dominican University, here are some ideas on what you should expect. Guided by Catholic and Dominican principles, the college has various facilities to showcase its rich spiritual culture which involves meditation. In case you want to stay longer, there is plenty of accommodation near Ohio Dominican University.

Useful information for your visit to Ohio Dominican University

From spectacular malls to beautiful parks, a visit to the university will satisfy your vacation needs. The surrounding community is friendly, and the accommodation facilities are top-class. Below are some tips on what you can encounter when visiting this university.

  • 1. Easton Town Center

    It is nestled a few miles from Ohio Dominican University. If you are an enthusiastic shopper, the mall provides you with all you need. The presence of the flower-like fountains and the classical American architecture gives you a magnificent scene as you continue with your activities. For theatergoers, there is an IMAX venue for movies and other scheduled events which will keep you entertained during your visit.

  • 2. Bishop James A. Griffin Student Center

    This iconic center is located inside the college. It has an interesting design and offers a lot of activities. Here, you can learn about the university’s mission as well as the spiritual aspect of the students supported by a quiet meditation suite. Also, it has conference facilities and a fireplace lounge where you can hook up with your friends.

  • 3. Franklin Park Conservatory

    The glamorous pink orchids in this park will offer you the perfect relaxation mood. Within it, you can be lucky to see beautifully colored and rare butterflies. Furthermore, you will be dazzled by the carefully patterned palms with over 40 species spreading over the landscape as well as designed glass works by the renowned artist, Dale Chihuly.

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