Our Interview Process

Ready to start your career journey with HomeToGo? Learn more about our interview process and how you can best prepare.

HomeToGo is a diverse and international team with a shared love for travel. We are driven by innovation and encourage everyone to actively contribute and make an impact across the company. In line with our Leadership Principles, we believe every HomeToGoer is a leader and we always enable each other to succeed. 

Our interview process is designed to recognize exceptional talents. In our conversations, we will assess various factors including technical abilities, cultural alignment and shared values. While most processes will look like the one described below, some may vary based on the seniority and/or particularity of the role. HomeToGo’s Talent Acquisition team will explain the process during your first chat.

Here's what you can expect from HomeToGo’s hiring process:
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Initial Recruiter Call

30 minutes

We’ll learn more about you, tell you about the role and ensure that your expectations are aligned with what we're looking for. 

Hiring Manager
Hiring Manager Interview

45 to 60 minutes

The interviewer will provide you with a thorough overview of the open role and team, including expectations, challenges and opportunities. Prepare to answer detailed questions about your experience, skills and career goals.

Case Study

1 to 2 hours

We may ask you to work on a case study to help us understand your thinking processes and how you solve challenges. Formats include one of the following:

  • Take home case study, where you will be given a set number of days to complete this on your own time
  • Live case study, where you will be given a prompt in a live interview setting 
  • [Tech & Data roles only] Technical assessment via Codility platform

Our hiring team will inform you about relevant details prior to the case.

Hiring Manager
Team Interview

30 to 60 minutes

You will typically meet with 3 or 4 stakeholders for an in-depth look into how your future team works. Be prepared to reference your case study and use the time to ask any clarifying questions about the team, HomeToGo's culture and ways we work together. 

Interview Feedback

15 to 30 minutes

Our Talent Acquisition team will keep you constantly updated during the full interview process. 

  • If all the interviews are successful and we believe you are the ideal fit for the open role, we will happily make you an offer. 
  • After completing the Hiring Manager interview and onwards, we will also give you the option to hear our feedback, should we choose to not move forward with your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

After I apply, when can I expect to hear from you?

At HomeToGo, we take the time to thoroughly review every application. Should your background and qualifications align with the needs of our open position, you will receive an email from our Talent Acquisition team within 1 to 2 weeks of applying to schedule an initial recruiter call. In rare cases, the decision-making process may take longer. In these unique circumstances, we ask for your understanding until we are ready to proceed to the next step.

How long will the hiring process last?

The duration of our recruiting process can last between 3 to 6 weeks. Depending on the specifics of the role you are interviewing for, it might take longer; our hiring team will always keep you updated in case of any delays.

Are the interviews remote or in the office?

Most of the interviews with the HomeToGo team are held virtually online through Google Meet/Zoom. Occasionally and when possible, we are happy to invite you to our office for a tour and to get to know the team in person.

Does HomeToGo support with the relocation and visa process?

We are actively hiring candidates from all around the world, including sponsoring visas and helping to subsidize your relocation process.*

*Certain conditions apply

Can I reapply for the same or different positions?

If you are applying for a different position, you are free to do so at any time. However, before reapplying to the same position, we ask you to wait 6 months to make sure you've had adequate time to gain additional experience and work on areas for improvement.

Anything else I need to know to be ready for an interview with HomeToGo?

Read about HomeToGo in action, from our latest news to our LinkedIn page and become familiar with your future team. Be authentically yourself, well prepared and curious. We are looking forward to getting to know you!