Flexible Work @ HomeToGo

Flexible Work @ HomeToGo is an office-led, remote friendly approach that provides our team the freedom and responsibility to choose their most productive and efficient work environment that helps them achieve their best results and aligns with their team’s optimal productivity.

We believe our flexible work approach makes us stronger than ever and combines the best of both working models: in-office collaboration with remote work efficiency. Flexible Work @ HomeToGo supports our team with: 

  • Ongoing remote work options for up to 50% of the year, including remote work abroad options: Team members are given the freedom to align together with their lead and team on where to best work from. Whether they are most productive working remotely, surrounded by colleagues at our Berlin headquarters, or even at a fully-equipped HomeToGo rental in their dream destination. 
  • A state-of-the-art office space in Berlin: Our amazing office in the heart of Berlin provides an ideal setting for working together. We know that in-person meetings can foster some of the brightest ideas and promote collaboration, and that relationships are best built in person to be maintained with Zoom. That’s why we provide our team with a vibrant, open office. Did we mention we have a rooftop terrace? We believe that a wide view fuels creativity and incredible ideas! 
  • Work from abroad flexibility: Our team is passionate about travel and we love our product—we want to use it ourselves as much as possible. With work from abroad flexibility, our team can enjoy workations in their dream destinations. Imagine sipping an espresso in Italy on your coffee break, or watching the polar lights in Sweden when you close your laptop at the end of an exciting work day! We believe travel is an essential part of every HomeToGo career and love watching our team explore other countries and cultures while accomplishing their professional goals.

Flexible Work @ HomeToGo is built on trust. We believe in this flexible work approach because we trust that our team is committed to our leadership principles and that flexible work will enable us to personify our values even further, especially: 

  • Always be responsible: We trust our team to always act in the best interest of HomeToGo. With this increased freedom comes even more responsibility. Our team stays connected to the details and each other, insisting on the highest standards for our work—no matter where we are working from.
  • Embrace change and reduce complexity: During the COVID-19 crisis, our team immediately adapted from a mostly in-office setting to a fully remote environment while delivering beyond customer expectations. We now have the opportunity to move forward with the best of both worlds: in-office collaboration and remote work efficiency. As proven by this unprecedented crisis, we are more confident than ever in our ability to quickly adapt and find simple solutions for such new and hard problems. 
  • Enable each other to succeed: We are one team—no matter where we work from. We continue to communicate effectively with each other, providers, and guests. We make sure to choose the best work environment not just for our own productivity, but for our team’s priorities—joining the office to onboard, meet new members, kick-off long term projects, and more. We provide the right formats to bring people together and connect with colleagues in a flexible work environment, so we can keep celebrating wins together!

Alternative accommodation/vacation rentals are the new zeitgeist, and offer a benefit to be able to work from anywhere. This new(ish) concept of 'workations'—combining work and leisure more flexibly to work from a rental—have not only added a new customer group to HomeToGo’s success, but have shown that our team at HomeToGo can explore new possibilities and growth when we embrace remote and flexible work while still keeping an office-led approach.” —Dr. Patrick Andrae, Founder & CEO of HomeToGo. 

Flexible Work @ HomeToGo is not about rules or policies. It's actually very simple and principle based: we trust our incredible team to create productive and safe work environments, and to keep focusing on making an impact in the travel sector. As we look ahead, we are confident that with the right people, tools, and values, we can strive for excellence from anywhere. 

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