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Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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Explore the historic, natural beauty of Cambridge and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

An immense supply of creativity and culture from scholars and locals makes MIT and its surroundings truly exciting. From experiencing Cambridge's vibrant art scene to indulging in the city's rich history, there's something for everyone. There is plenty of accommodation near the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for easy access to the campus and all of the exciting spots in Cambridge.

Useful information for your visit to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Nearby Cambridge offers a diverse experience for visitors, with everything from historic tertiary institutions to a thriving arts scene. A few insider tips will help you navigate through this cosmopolitan city.

  • 1. Getting to MIT

    The institute sits across the Charles River from Boston. From Boston Logan International Airport's terminals, take the Silver Line bus to South Station and change to the Red Line subway to MIT/Kendall. Alternatively, a taxi journey from the airport takes about 20min.

  • 2. Sites to visit in Cambridge

    Take a tour of the MIT Museum, which displays tech-related artworks, robotics, artificial intelligence, and MIT's history. The Harvard Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston impress with diverse exhibits on the natural world and collections of international art. You can enjoy a unique sightseeing tour of Cambridge from the water along the Charles River, which bridges the neighboring city of Boston. Cambridge's proximity to Boston – 5 minutes' drive, offers access to many sites, including the Freedom Trail.

  • 3. What the campus offers

    From art, history, to culture, there is plenty to entertain you at the campus. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology provides a unique display of artwork at the Maihaugen Gallery by students and renowned artists such as Picasso. All these collections are open to the general public. Having played a huge part in America's development for over 150 years, the institute's rich history is reflected in its imposing architecture.

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