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Eagle Lake Cabins

Eagle Lake

Discover Stunning Scenery on California's Eagle Lake

Explore the wilderness of Eastern California with a vacation on the stunning Eagle Lake. Located east of the vast Lassen National Forest, the park provides a wealth of fascinating hiking trails, rich wildlife, and activities that thw whole family can enjoy. You can even find beautiful lodging overlooking the lake with Eagle Lake hotels nearby.
Best Hiking Trails in Eagle Lake

Best Hiking Trails in Eagle Lake

Eagle Lake is home to some exciting trails, all waiting to be explored. Walk along the lake edge on the Eagle Lake Recreational Trail, explore underground worlds and walk amidst exciting hot springs in Devil's Kitchen.

  • 1. Eagle Lake Recreational Trail

    This is a fun trial that skirts the lake and passes through the hardwood forests that surround it. The trail is paved and has an easygoing elevation gain of 72 feet.

  • 2. Kings Creek Falls Trail

    Have a go hiking this 1.8-mile trail, which is a little more challenging, but just as rewarding. An out-and-back trail, you might be able to spot some of the park's variety of wildlife; including Bald eagles, lizards and chipmunks.

  • 3. Subway Cave Trail

    This is a short hike that ventures deep into a lava cave! It's only a third of a mile and explores an underground world created by volcanic action 20,000 years ago. Make sure you bring a decent flashlight with you.

  • 4. Devils Kitchen Trail

    A great family hike, Devil's Kitchen is 4.6 miles and leads to some hot springs and areas where steam seeps through the surface from deep below the earth.

Best Family Activities in Eagle Lake

Best Family Activities in Eagle Lake

Eagle Lake is the second-largest natural lake in California and boasts many recreational activities for the whole family. Eagle Lake cabins provide the perfect base to enjoy campfires under the stars, hunt for the Eagle Lake trout, and tour the lake itself.

  • 1. Camping

    Enjoy clean water, flush toilets, and trash collection next to the vast Lassen National Forest. If you prefer more comfortable lodging, book one of several Eagle Lake cabins – either way campfires, smores, and nights spent under the stars await.

  • 2. Fishing on Eagle Lake

    Bring your kids to try and catch the elusive Eagle Lake trout. They are unusually alert and a prized catch among even experienced fishermen. You can buy fishing tackle and rent equipment from the marina. You will need to organize a fishing licence in advance.

  • 3. Rent a Boat

    With 23,000 acres to explore, a self-guided boat tour of the lake is highly recommended. Pontoon boats – which come with a patio and are therefore a great way to relax in the water – are available for hire from dawn until dusk.

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