Hotels and Vacation Rentals Near the Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center

Hotels and Places to Stay Near Kennedy Space Center

Out-Of-This-World Family Fun at Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center may be the closest many of us will come to going into space. This hugely popular Florida visitor attraction is packed with interactive exhibits. Staying in a vacation rental near Kennedy Space Center allows you to make an early start on the day of your visit, and places you within easy reach of Orlando's theme parks.

Our Recommendations

Behind the Gates

Take the Behind the Gates Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour to see areas of the spaceport that are usually open to only astronauts and NASA employees.

Heroes and Legends

Learn about the early American space pioneers who made later NASA missions so successful and visit the US Astronaut Hall of Fame.

Shuttle Launch Experience

Strap yourself into a space shuttle simulator to experience what it's like to take off on a NASA mission to space.

Useful Information

Attractions Included

The cost of admission includes all rides and attractions at Kennedy Space Center, apart from specialized tours, the Astronaut Training Experience, and any special events featuring astronauts past and present. It's worth getting there as close to the 9am opening time as possible to get good value for money. Whereas closing time at Kennedy Space Center varies throughout the year, the last Behind the Gates Bus Tour leaves 2.5 hours before closure.

Parking Costs

Parking is available at Kennedy Space Center for cars and RVs, though you have to pay extra.

Prohibited Items

Visitors will need to go through a security check before entering Kennedy Space Center. No weapons are permitted, and you are not allowed to bring in glass bottles or alcoholic beverages, though other food and drinks are permitted. Pack everything in a small bag, as you may be asked to return oversize rucksacks or coolers to your vehicle before starting your visit.