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Lake Fort Smith State Park
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Visiting Lake Fort Smith State Park

This park was moved in 2002 at the monumental cost of 12 million dollars, but is still close to Fort Smith City. A day with your family touring the lake and cemetery is perfect after checking in at your Lake Fort Smith State Park Cabins.

Best Hiking Trails in Fort Smith State Park

Visit the western side of Forth Smith Lake and see the valley of the Boston Mountain Range. Trek to Whiterock Mountain, walk from the Western Terminus to Fort Bayou and explore the Dockery Gap Falls trail. Stay in your Lake Fort Smith State Park Hotels

  • 1. Ozark Highland Trail

    Lake Fort Smith to Whiterock Mountain: Visit this 16.6 mile trail that has a whopping 2923 elevation gain. The springs are very pretty and the campsites are perfect for picnicking before you return to your Lake Fort Smith State Park cabin.

  • 2. Ozark Highland Trail

    Western Terminus to Frog Bayou: Start at the visitor center, pass a quaint waterfall and skirt the lake to Frog Bayou. The trail can be inaccessible when the water is high and there is position ivy that lines the path.

  • 3. Dockery Gap Falls

    This is a relaxing walk that is not steep and is only a little more than two miles. You may see some turkeys, squirrels or other wild animals.

  • 4. Kings Rivers Falls Trail

    This hike is best from autumn to spring so that you can see the waterfalls better. The footing is unpaved stone so to be sure to bring strong boots.

Best Family Activities in Lake Fort Smith State Park

Bring your kids to Lake Fort Smith State Park and be sure to check out the 16 minute video about the park in the theater. Tour the Fort Smith National Cemetery and the Janet Huckabee Arkansas River Valley Nature Center.

  • 1. Haunted Waters Lake Tour

    Come twilight, listen to Ozark ghost stories and local folklore while sailing the dark waters of the lake – if you dare!

  • 2. Janet Huckabee Arkansas River Valley Nature Center

    Learn about the animals and birds of the local area. Every Friday has a nature activity with the local staff and train your hunting skills with laser shot.

  • 3. Fort Smith National Cemetery

    Visit the cemetery of Judge Issac C. Parker and tour the grounds with your children. It totals 32 acres and is a great space to learn about the local history in peace and quiet.

  • 4. Lake Fort Smith Kayak Adventure

    It is also possible to kayak with children over six years old and explore the park from the water side. You can rent the kayaks from the local guides.