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Devil's Den State Park Cabins

Devil's Den State Park Visitor Center

Explore the Ancient Mountains of Devil's Den State Park on Your Next Vacation

Situated deep within the Ozark Mountains, Devil's Den State Park is a popular vacation destination in Arkansas. Travelers visiting Devil's Den State Park are often struck by the lush forests and peaceful lake waters that create a very special ambiance. Discover the outstanding natural beauty of this area from Devil's Den State Park cabins.
Best Hiking Trails in Devil's Den State Park

Best Hiking Trails in Devil's Den State Park

Hikers visiting Devil's Den State Park will find many miles of trails that crisscross the park and surrounding area. Featuring hidden caves and crevices, spectacular bluffs and overlooks, plus the chance to observe a variety of flora and fauna in the forests, Devil's Den State Park cabins and hotels will provide an excellent base from which to explore everything on offer.

  • 1. Lake Trail

    This 0.5mi. trail is rated as easy for difficulty and is ideal for the whole family. This route follows the remnants of the old Civilian Conservation Corps path towards the dam that created Lake Devil.

  • 2. Devi's Den Self-Guided Trail

    Rated as moderate for difficulty, this 1.5mi. trail guides hikers through the rich plant and animal life of the Ozarks. Along this route you will find numerous gravity springs and waterfalls, as well as intriguing sandstone strata.

  • 3. Lee Creek Trail

    A 1.25mi. trail that is also rated as moderate for difficulty, following this route leads hikers through Lee Creek Valley via the creek bed. Points of interest include numerous fossils and an imposing coal seam.

  • 4. Vista Point Trail

    Among the most challenging trails in the park, this 8mi. hike takes visitors to Vista Point where exceptional views of Blackburn Valley await. Additionally, the trail also stops at Holt Ridge Overlook where hikers can gaze down at the park.

Best Family Activities in Devil's Den State Park

Best Family Activities in Devil's Den State Park

The park provides families with a variety of engaging activities suitable for people of all ages. From the tranquility of Lake Devil to the rough-and-ready mountain bike trails that wind through the park, you are sure to find something that fits your interests. Choose your favorite activity from Devil's Den State Park hotels and get ready for a fun-filled day in the outdoors.

  • 1. Geocaching

    Starting at the visitor center, the park's scavenger hunt allows you to follow clues using your GPS. Find all ten caches in special areas of the park and claim your reward.

  • 2. Horseback Riding

    Offering 20 miles of equestrian trail and a horse camp at Devil's Den, horseback riders are well taken care of. Explore the park with your horse and enjoy a different perspective.

  • 3. Mountain Biking

    Many of the trails in Devil's Den are mountain-bike friendly and people of all ages can jump on a bike and explore the rugged terrain of the Ozarks along its numerous routes.

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