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Grand Canyon National Park Cabins

Grand Canyon National Park

Visiting the Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon, with its unique color and rock formations, is among the greatest natural treasures of our time. Hikers find the perfect playground with a variety of well-defined paths for every capability and viewpoints that will leave you breathless. Alternatively, visitors can tackle the Colorado River by kayak, or explore the surroundings on bike or mule.
Must-Do Hikes in Grand Canyon National Park

Must-Do Hikes in Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park cabins provide easy access to the two different areas in the national park; the South Rim and the North Rim. The South Rim is open all year long and located near Grand Canyon Village, making it easily accessible. This and the variety of accommodation options for every individual budget makes this area more popular among travelers.

  • 1. Rim Trail

    This trek leads you alongside the Southern Rim for 12 miles and offers some prime outlooks over the Grand Canyon National Park. Especially the Pipe Creek Vista viewpoint is a highlight you shouldn't miss during your visit.

  • 2. Bright Angel Trail

    This 9.5-mile trail leads hikers from the South Rim down to the Colorado River. Access to two campsites allow you to stay overnight, or you can take the South Kaibab Trail back to the rim.

  • 3. Rainbow Rim Trail

    Located on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon this 18-mile trail has 3,100 vertical feet of climbing and connects five amazing viewpoints at the edge of the canyon.

  • 4. South Kaibab Trail

    Take a day-long hike along one of the two superhighways into the Grand Canyon National Park. The trail is well defined but be aware that it's steep and offers little shade.

  • 5. Hermit Trail

    The 15.4-mile Hermit Trail is intense with 2,000 vertical foot drops in the first 2.5 miles. Aside from the views, the fossilized animal tracks are unique on this trek.

Best Outdoor Adventures in Grand Canyon National Park

Best Outdoor Adventures in Grand Canyon National Park

From hotels near Grand Canyon National Park, it's easy to explore the various activities the park has to offer. Hiking might be the main attraction for most visitors but there is much more to do around the Grand Canyon. For a more remote experience, you can head over to the North Rim where there are more limited options but can enjoy the wilderness by pitching your tent underneath the stars.

  • 1. Rafting

    White water trips on the Colorado River can last from three days to 21 days and requires reservations well in advance. You can arrange half-day smooth water trips from Glen Canyon Dam to Lees Ferry at any lodge in the park.

  • 2. Mule Rides Adventures

    on these trusted animals are possible along the South and the North Rim. Usually, they take about three hours and enable you to enjoy the remarkable scenery without the physical strain of hiking.

  • 3. Biking

    Following the canyon rim for seven miles, the scenic Hermit Road is one of the best places in the park to hop on your bike. Due to vehicle restrictions, traffic is very limited on this road. Incase you don't want to bring your own bike, rentals are available on the South Rim.

Best Family Activities in Grand Canyon National Park

Best Family Activities in Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park cabins offer the perfect place to stay and explore the natural wonders nearby. Not only adults can have a great time here, the park is also perfect to bring the whole family closer to nature.

  • 1. Family Hikes

    The park offers a variety of short, kid-friendly trails. The most popular amongst families are the Trail of Time, Bright Angel Trail, and the Rim Trail.

  • 2. Stargazing

    The dark skies of the Grand Canyon offer a perfect opportunity for little astronomers to observe the stars and planets up above. Every summer, the park hosts a star party providing telescopes and free astronomy programs.

  • 3. Visit the Grand Canyon Skywalk

    The skywalk is a glass walkway helping visitors understand the magnitude and depth of the Grand Canyon. Visitors suffering from vertigo might want to skip that one.

  • 4. Polar Express Ride

    Arizona might not be a place where you would think you would find the Polar Express, but Williams, just an hour south of the national park, offers a magical train ride which includes a visit to see Santa and his reindeer.