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Travel Survey

Giveaway Terms & Conditions (closed)

  1. The survey and raffle starts on October 25th 2021, and ends on November 15th 2021 (“Promotion Period”). During the Promotion Period, the survey will be available via our iOS and Android App only, from version 6.6.0.
  2. To enter the raffle, you must complete the survey and fill in your email address in the designated field on the page after fully completing the survey and during the Promotion Period. As a user who is not subscribed to the HomeToGo newsletter, by entering your email address, you participate in the raffle and are simultaneously prompted to register for newsletters from HomeToGo.
  3. Automated or robotic entries will be disqualified. Subscribers must be over the age of 21 to participate in the raffle. Any attempt to obtain more than one entry by using multiple/different email addresses will be void and all such entries will be invalid. Employees of HomeToGo or its associated companies as well as their family members are exempt from participating in this raffle.
  4. The winner will be determined in an automated random process. The winner will receive a bank transfer in the amount of $250, redeemable exclusively for an accommodation booking on the HomeToGo platform.
  5. The HomeToGo team will contact the winner via the email address [email protected]. For the redemption of the cash prize, the winner has to provide the HomeToGo team with their bank details and address. HomeToGo will not be responsible for the booking made with the cash prize. The contractual relationship will be entered into with one of HomeToGo’s providers (our terms of service, GTC, available on the HomeToGo platform apply).
  6. The winner must contact HomeToGo within a period of two (2) weeks after receipt of the email in accordance with section 5 of this Terms & Conditions. To contact HomeToGo the winner has to use the email address [email protected].
  7. Following the remittance of the cash prize, the winner will receive an email address from the HomeToGo team, with the request to provide the booking reference for the accommodation booking made with the cash prize.
  8. Your personal data provided through your email address is used to send newsletters as set out in HomeToGo’s Privacy Policy, available online under HomeToGo website. Your right to object applies in the context of this raffle. However, in case you object and/or unsubscribe from the HomeToGo newsletter during the Promotion Period, the participation in the raffle could be suspended, as we may not contact you anymore. In all other respects of privacy (e.g. processing your bank details, your rights as a person affected, etc.), HomeToGo’s Privacy Policy applies.Your data you have to provide to receive the prize via wired transfer will be solely used for that purpose and completely deleted afterwards.
  9. Since no association is made between your email address and your responses, the responses collection is anonymous.
  10. Claims against HomeToGo do not arise from the newsletter subscription and participation in the raffle. Liability is excluded to the extent permitted by applicable law and as set out in HomeToGo’s terms of service, GTC, which shall apply mutatis mutandis.