Denali State Park Cabins

Denali State Park

Plan a Trip to the Spectacular Denali State Park

This 324,240-acre park is the 4th largest protected area in Alaska. The park provides limited facilities and you will need to be prepared for a true backcountry experience. It holds some of the best views of Mount Denali, formerly Mount McKinley, the tallest mountain in the United States. Denali State Park cabins invite you to gather family and friends together for an epic vacation.

Best Hikes in Denali State Park

The large number of hiking trails in Denali State Park cater to varying levels of fitness. The shortest is 1.5 miles long. However, most of the park's hikes require you to camp overnight on the trail. Be prepared to carry everything you need, as there are no facilities on the routes. Treat yourself to a night in Denali State Park cabins on your return.

Best Family Activities in Denali State Park

As this large park takes days to explore, staying in one of the Denali State Park hotels allows you to discover the park and surrounding area in comfort. Older kids love the variety of outdoor activities, though the park is not especially suited for young children due to lack of facilities.