Compensate for the carbon emissions of your vacation rental stay

How does CO2 compensation help make your vacation rental stay more sustainable?

HomeToGo partners with SQUAKE, the end-to-end ClimateTech solution for sustainable travel, to help our travelers make more environmentally responsible travel decisions.

SQUAKE’s solution calculates an individual vacation rental booking’s carbon emissions in real time and offers our travelers the option to compensate for these emissions when booking their trip. 

To achieve compensation accuracy, SQUAKE has built a unique calculation algorithm specifically for the vacation rental industry that is based on a number of travel-specific input factors such as destination, vacation rental size, number of people traveling, and more.

The estimation of your vacation rental stay’s carbon emissions are transferred into a monetary equivalent and invested in the development of 14Trees, a Gold Standard certified climate project.

14Trees builds 3D printed affordable housing in Malawi, and therefore aligns with both the UN Sustainable Development Goals and HomeToGo’s vision to make incredible homes accessible to everyone. 14Trees creates sustainable housing through an innovative technology that produces construction bricks from material sourced on site (soil, sand, cement, and water), avoiding the destruction of 14 trees per house built. 

Click here to learn more about 14Trees.