Our values

HomeToGo’s unique culture is guided by seven key leadership principles—the way we work together, how we discuss ideas, and a foundation for developing all of us as leaders: 

1. Make customers successful

As great companies are built upon happy and loyal customers, leaders make sure to continuously identify and meaningfully address customer needs. Leaders deliver beyond customer expectations to earn trust and win longterm fans of HomeToGo. Leaders closely monitor customer feedback, best practices, and external trends—explore, imitate, innovate.

2. Bias for results 

As speed matters in business, leaders focus on results over processes and overanalyzing—HomeToGo is always in startup mode. Leaders wisely differentiate what must be done now and what can be improved upon later. They are ambitious, smart risk-takers with a strong judgment of impact and return on investment, consistently balancing internal and external data, intuition, and common sense. Despite ambiguity, leaders make high-quality decisions quickly and are fully dedicated to delivering great results on time. Leaders are enablers, they see opportunities and solutions, not obstacles—decide, commit, make it happen.

3. Always be responsible 

As every issue could be just the tip of the iceberg, leaders proactively ensure root causes, not just symptoms, get and remain fixed. Leaders stay connected to the details, dive deep when necessary, and insist on the highest standards. "Not my responsibility" is not an option—no task is beneath a leader. 

4. Act entrepreneurial

As HomeToGo has no silos, leaders see the big picture to create value beyond their team. Leaders care deeply about HomeToGo’s overall success and pursue an egoless agenda, building a moat around HomeToGo, not around teams. Therefore, leaders choose the most efficient path of communication to get the job done. Because frugality breeds creativity and sustainable innovation, leaders treat company resources as their own and achieve more with less—there is no such thing as a lack of resources, only the need to reprioritize.

5. Embrace change and reduce complexity 

As our environment is ever-changing and complex, leaders are curious about the new and adapt quickly by continuously challenging their teams as well as existing assumptions and approaches—especially their own. They strive for innovation and scalability finding practical and simple solutions to hard problems that are easier to maintain and more efficient—discover, challenge status quo, simplify.

6. Hire and develop the best 

As great talent is key to HomeToGo’s success, leaders are thirsty for excellence continuously raising the performance bar with every hire and promotion. Leaders recognize and empower exceptional talent to thrive within HomeToGo—leaders create leaders.

7. Enable each other to succeed

As leadership is about enablement, leaders are fostering a safe environment for diverse opinions and to take risks and learn from them. They are respectful but unafraid to challenge based on facts and give constructive feedback to help everyone improve. Leaders provide context and support as they are persistent to win as a team. Leaders are humble and honest to admit to their mistakes and knowledge gaps. They acknowledge each other's achievements and celebrate wins together—empower others to enjoy work.

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