About Us

HomeToGo is a marketplace with the world's largest selection of vacation rentals, listing millions of offers across thousands of trusted partners. 

With a massive portfolio, HomeToGo has renowned accommodation from apartments, cabins, boats, castles, hotels, hostels, and everything in between

HomeToGo helps discover the perfect rental for any occasion, combining price, destination, dates and amenities and an easy and fast booking experience for any trip worldwide.

At a Glance

Thousands of trusted partners

Founded in 2014 

Operations across Europe, North America, South America, Australia and Asia-Pacific

Millions of offers

250+ employees

23 local apps & websites 

Family of Brands

Our Story

HomeToGo was founded in 2014 in Berlin, Germany by Co-founders Dr. Patrick Andrae and Wolfgang Heigl with the mission to make incredible accommodation easily accessible for everyone.

HomeToGo has since grown to be a global leader in the travel and short term rental industry, managing 23 local apps & websites across Europe, North America, South America, Australia and Asia-Pacific. HomeToGo also operates brands such as Tripping.com, CASAMUNDO, and Wimdu.

HomeToGo's investors include: Acton Capital Partners, DN Capital, Global Founders Capital, Insight Venture Partners, Lakestar, Mojo.capital, Perpetual Investors and Princeville Global.